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ATTENTION:  It has been recently discovered that HW ENTERPRISES, INC.'s domain and server were hacked into.  ALMOST ALL COMPANY EMAIL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN INTERCEPTED AND RERIUTED.  


Cyber theft is a very real thing, harming every business entity, having a massive trickle down effect.

PROTECT YOURSELF - Hire an IP person to verify on a monthly basis your domain and server are safe and working properly.

A difference between good building contractors and poor contractors

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How do you pick a good building contractor?  Seemingly an eternal question.  One distinct clue to look for is the finish.  Does the contractor simply grade around your new garage, addition, accessory building or shell home? Do they simply do the minimum to pass inspection?  When a contractor finishes with a building project, they should grade not only to code, but should also repair any damage to the area of construction, including portions of your yard that show tracks, ruts or the absence of grass near and around the new project.  And what kind of dirt does the building contractor use? Is it farmers dirt or fill?  Neither is a good choice.  

HW Enterprises, Inc. uses dirt that is sifted and mixed with fertilizer.  It is almost black.  It will grow grass in a matter of days.  HW Enterprises, Inc. does not cut corners.  Not on the building materials, the quality of labor or in the finishing touches, such as grading.

If you want a clean, well built product, hire HW Enterprises, Inc.  You won't be disappointed.  Call 757-595-4562 for a free estimate.

Just how important preparation is for a successful project

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Recently I took a remodeling project in Hampton.  The property itself presents the greatest challenges.  I will be ripping the roof off of the house and building back a second floor master suite, along with a new bathroom and some minor remodeling work.  Sounds like no big deal, right.  Wrong.

The topography of this relatively small tract of land requires an immense amount of planning and preparatory work. 

Notable considerations are as follows:

The circular driveway is narrow. 

There are trees, approximately 16-18' in height that are along the driveway, towards the front of the road.  There is a very nice play set on the right side of the property in between the detached garage and the back of the house. 

There is also a ground pipe, probably an old well in front of the play set. 

There is a brick pillar at the entrance of the property, with a narrow 10' concrete culvert supporting the ROW. 

There are a number of very mature bushes on the side of the house, height of about 5'.  There is a detached garage 12'8" away from the right corner of the house. 

There is a newly poured concrete walkway and paved walkway that runs next to the right corner of the house. 

There is a carport attached on the right side of the detached garage.  This carport backs into the right side of the property where there is a good bit of vegetation. 

There are several very old pines, maybe 50' tall in the back yard.  This property's backyard has approximately 30' of frontage on the water, with the edge only being approximately 30' from the deck. 

There is an extensive, obtuse shaped custom deck in the backyard and several other considerations, like a hot tub that butts right up to the back left wall of the main dwelling.

  The front of the house has a porch and several matching mature bushes, approximately 5' tall. 

There are shutters on the house and the house itself is made entirely of CMU. 

Last but not least, all of the grass is St. Augustine grass.  Oh my!


Protection of the grass, trees and bushes.  Delivery trucks, forklifts and cranes have to be able to access the back of the house.  The problem is that the detached garage and adjoining carport block the right side of the lot and are only 12'8" from the right corner of the main dwelling.  The front of the property is open, however, the grass is exposed.  Obviously the placement and height of the trees is an issue to consider.  Protecting the backyard deck and hot tub are an issue.  Material placement in a confined building area is a consideration.  Getting a new tub inside the house, along with sheetrock is a consideration.  Protection of the existing shingles is a consideration.  And the list goes on.

When you are hiring a building contractor for a project, consider the preparatory work that must be addressed.  See if that building contractor has noticed and has a plan in place for E&S control, silt fencing and equipment mobility.  A successful project is a well planned project.  There are things that a building contractor cannot control: inspections, material delays, unforeseen existing building issues and the weather. 

Call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. for your next project.  We are certified by the State of VA for E&S control.  We plan, based on decades of experience and have projects that progress smoothly because of our diligence and determination to provide the best possible building experience for the homeowner.  CALL 757-595-4562 or 757-696-1927.  You will get the best quality available in all of Hampton Roads.