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2016-07-13 Understanding the Chemistry Behind Construction 0 None

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2018-01-15 Entry Doors and why they rust 0 None
2018-01-04 Extreme Temperatures and Construction 0 None
2017-12-18 Insulation and Fire Codes 0 None
2017-11-06 Construction during the holiday season 0 None
2017-09-10 How to deal with slope when you build any structure 0 None
2017-07-19 How does the climate affect residential construction 0 None
2017-06-25 Residential Building With The Environment in Mind 0 None
2017-05-21 "Self-sealing Concrete" and Garage Construction 0 None
2017-05-10 Taxes and Construction 0 None
2017-04-29 New Construction Accessory Buildings - Soundproofing for Studios/Live Music and Fun in the "Man Cave" 0 None
2017-03-19 Metal Roofing - Bold, Beautiful and Energy Star Rated 0 None
2017-03-12 Changing the World of Construction 1 None
2017-02-10 3-D Printing and Construction 0 None
2017-01-26 How can wind affect residential building for accessory structures such as garages, barns, additions and carports? 0 None
2017-01-18 When is a good deal not a good deal at all? 0 None
2017-01-17 FOOD FOR THOUGHT 0 None
2017-01-06 How do you decide which building contractor to use for a garage project 0 None
2016-12-28 Why is fill sand needed when you pour a garage slab? 0 None
2016-12-13 Winter weather and building residential garage and accessory buildings 0 None
2016-12-03 What is a good Residential Building Contractor? 0 None
2016-11-26 Cold Weather and Residential Construction 0 None
2016-11-20 Energy Efficient Building Systems 0 None
2016-11-07 Preparing for a Garage Project 0 None
2016-06-27 What is Inflatable Concrete and where would I use it? 0 None
2015-10-25 Should I insulate my garages? 0 None
2015-10-23 How big should the windows be in a garage? 0 None
2015-10-23 Garage and Plumbing Requirements 0 None
2015-10-15 Consider the all the cost of building a garage. 0 None
2015-10-13 What is Foundation Drainage? 0 None
2015-10-12 Difference between fire-blocking vs. draft-stopping in garage construction. 0 None
2015-10-09 What are Masonary Walls and how do they work in Garage construction? 0 None
2015-10-05 How to I protect wood and wood based products against decay? 0 None
2015-09-30 Proper Framing of a Garage 0 None
2015-09-25 What is the Live Load Requirement for Detached and Attached Garages? 0 None
2015-09-19 Concrete Footings and Virginia code 0 None
2015-09-18 Do I need insulation when building a garage? 0 None
2015-09-11 What is Fire Resistant Garage Construction? 0 None
2015-09-07 Are Egress and Escape openings required in a garage, barn, accessory structure or addition? 0 None
2015-09-04 How do I choose a garage building contractor? 0 None
2015-08-25 How important are fasteners in building garages? 0 None
2015-08-25 Why concrete is more than water, limestone and sand 0 None


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