Proper Framing of a Garage

September 30 / Stacey / Comments (0)

When you are thinking about a new garage, accessory building or light commercial storage building you don’t think about framing. You think about what you are going to put in the garage. You think about how large a garage you want. You think about what color siding and what type of shingles you want. You think about what type and how many windows you want in your garage. You think about what size garage doors and entry door you want to put in the garage, accessory building or light commercial building. What a homeowner does not think about or knowledge of is the framing of that garage. Most people do not know anything about how a building is built – how it is framed. That is understandable as most consumers do not have any framing experience. It is a gray area that the consumer has to step out in faith after interviewing a company. The consumer comes to a point where they believe that the building contractor knows what they are doing. There are ways to check on the integrity of the building contractor: the local BBB, the local principalities and today, on-line reviews. Oh, the wonder of the Internet!

Depending on what part of the country you live in dictates what local building and Zoning codes are necessary. Why does geography matter? Certain areas have shrink-swell problems with the soil. Certain parcels of land have drainage issues. Some properties have wind speeds that can affect the integrity of the garage. Certain areas have frost lines that are more significant than other areas. And, the topography of a parcel of land can greatly affect any building project. Property elevations affect the foundation of any new structure.

The International Code Council dictates which new construction building codes are applicable for certain building projects. A home has some different building code requirements than residential garages or accessory buildings have. There is risk when a homeowner elects to run a job. The local building inspectors and principalities provide support, but they can’t build the project for the consumer. An experienced building contractor should know all the building codes applicable to the garage, accessory building or habitable space.

Framing a garage is much like framing a home IF you have a building contractor who is dedicated to both his trade and willingly compliant with building codes. There are specific requirements as to how corners are framed. There are specific codes on how the wall are to be secured. Ladder framing for second story garages is also an important part of framing a two story garage. Openings in the walls, whether for a garage door, an entry door or window all have header support and that proper support affects how the walls are built.

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