What is Inflatable Concrete and where would I use it?

June 27 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Inflatable Concrete:  What is that? How does it work?  Why is it better than conventional framing?

Not every house is built the same.  And Complex Free-Form Structures, such as museums, statues and other structures - such as homes, aren't the future anymore, it is the NOW.

Round structures are now possible using Inflatable Concrete.  Previously, building a round structure was unheard of.  There is an exact science to this form of construction .  Virtually any shape building is now a viable option. 

Using a Pneumatic Wedge Method, inflatable concrete is applied over an inflatable air cushion with 2 plastic sheets welded together with steel cables.  The curing process is faster than traditional concrete.

There is a catch.  Each shape MUST be absolutely correct to prevent cracking.  The concept is that any cracking that may occur will be stabilized by the other surrounding concrete - similar to old stone arches.  However, each angle must have a small radius of curvature - less than 3mm.

This science is an amazing addition to traditional construction and allows for homes and commercial buildings to be less expensive and less time consuming to erect. 

What else will science do for construction remains to be seen.  Our world is changing for the better.  Only our minds limit what can be done in building.

Contact H.W. Enterprises Inc. if you are interested in using this technology to build your next building or garage.



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