Changing the World of Construction

March 12 / Stacey / Comments (1)

How is technology changed residential building?  Technology swirls in every circle of our lives.  Our ways to communicate, our ways of production, our way of life, now....the orders for materials are all done electronically.  The delivery trucks all have computers in the cabs so drivers can prioritize their routes.  Computers, emails, twitter, Facebook....these are all ways to get it sooner.  Sooner is always better, right?  Maybe not.  Our "get it now" philosophy can and will backfire.  Manual application, as long as man has been on Earth, will never be replaced.  Men and women have to pick up the hammers to create the physical world around us.  How fast can those hammers go, anyway?  They shouldn't go fast.  They should go slower.  More accuracy comes from experience and the "measure twice, cut once" philosophy.  The next time you hire a building contractor for a shell home, garage, accessory structure or room addition, call HW ENTERPRISES, INC.  Our team brings decades of experience and a dedication to excellence.  Don't let today's world of convenience, such as pre-built garages and accessory structures, cost you quality and headaches.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. doesn't use kits to build.  We are residential stick builders who will build and create the best handmade structures you can find, without you giving up the small "details" that other building contractors would lead you to believe "is okay" or unnecessary.  CALL HW ENTERPRISES, INC. of Newport News, VA today at 757-595-4562.  We will listen to you, build you what you want, with a level of quality that is unmatched by technology or other residential builders.  Every detail matters to HW ENTERPRISES, INC....MAKING YOUR DETAILS A PRIORITY.

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