New Construction Accessory Buildings - Soundproofing for Studios/Live Music and Fun in the "Man Cave"

April 29 / Stacey / Comments (0)

New construction accessory structures like garages can be used for so many things.  One use is for a home recording studio.  What do you do to control sound? You don't want to wake your neighbors up, but building a garage and converting it to a playhouse is SOO COOL, right?  

Soundproofing can be achieved a number of different ways.  In order to reach and maintain a high STC rating, the way the garage is built and with what specific materials will determine the amount of sound and vibration that is kept in, or worse, let out of the building.  The way you frame the walls, coupled with specialized insulation and sheetrock are key to accomplishing the privacy you want in your new construction accessory building, while being able to do what you want and scream your head off!!!

Call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. and we will show you how to build a garage-studio only dreams are made of.  Call 757-595-4562.

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