"Self-sealing Concrete" and Garage Construction

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One of the hardest things to tackle in garage construction is the cracking that plagues the very nature of concrete.  Building contractors cannot pour concrete with any type of warranty for 2 reasons: builders cannot control the mix and cannot control ground movement.  No residential builder has a fool-proof mechanical adjustment for the natural force of the ground we live on.  An article in CNN regarding "Self-healing" concrete was very informative and offers a futuristic glimpse into concrete construction.  I have to address this issue with every customer I have.  No one likes seeing that building contractors don't warrant concrete cracks, for the above reasons.  

An expert in the Netherlands recently seems to have tackled this issue in an incredible way.  Obviously, if concrete cracks, water and earth and bugs can enter.  There are a myriad of caulks and glues that are on the market today to deal with cracking concrete's issues.  It isn't the strength of the concrete that is the issue, it is the fact that there is "no turning back" when concrete cracks.  Almost every single home I visit has a garage and the slab is cracked, broken and uneven.  And the reaction to that, unfortunately, is quiet acceptance. What if it never had to crack?

This scientist has figured out, that by adding a bacteria to the concrete mix, cracking would be eliminated.  The infiltration of water becomes the turning point for cracking concrete. The more it cracks the more it takes in water, the more it causes erosion and then it cracks more.  Adding the bacteria bacillus, encapsulated with calcium lactate, to concrete would appear to address the problem nicely.  The combination of the bacteria and the calcium lactate produces limestone, which repairs the compromised concrete from the inside out. Science is so cool!  

Every garage, accessory building and addition requires a concrete foundation and footing.  H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. will continue to explore the best possible resources to continue to provide the best quality garage, accessory building, addition or shell home that can be found.  Call us and talk to us about your concerns and we will provide you the best possible solutions.  Call 757-595-4562

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