Residential Building With The Environment in Mind

June 25 / Stacey / Comments (0)

There is a new company that takes demolition rubble and turns it into bricks.  What a wonderful thing.  Residential construction creates so much waste and accounts for up to 3% of all trash.  Think of how many times that builders have to have their dumpsters pulled during a construction project?  Every time HW ENTERPRISES, INC. builds a garage, there is waste.  Albeit very little.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. prides itself on lean project costs.  If a garage building contractor does their homework, waste is reduced by 85%.  Every garage, addition, shell home and accessory building site has waste.  There are packagings and strapping, missed nails and less than 15 cuts that were not used in erecting the building.  There is an average of less than 3% of shingles as waste.  Why does this matter?  

HW ENTERPRISES, INC. prides itself on efficient and cost-effective building.  When you hire an experienced contractor, you will see proof of that by the waste that is removed from the site.  Yes, it is prudent to order a bit extra of everything to ensure a smooth field operation without starts and stops.  That being said, it will be obvious that those materials will remain after clean up are complete and untouched.  Those materials are returned to the suppliers.  Call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. when you are ready to build a garage, accessory structure, addition or shell home.  We don't waste your money or materials.  Call 757-595-4562 or 757-696-1927.

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