How does the climate affect residential construction

July 19 / Stacey / Comments (0)

There is a lot of talk about climate control in our country today.  How does that affect residential building and construction overall?  Prolonged rising temperatures in the warmer months and colder temperatures in the winter months directly affect residential building contractors.  In the summer, building contractors face incredible challenges to push forward on a daily basis.  Most people do not consider the fact that it is a monumental task to carry plywood sheathing up ladders to the roofs of new construction projects.  Similarly, many don't think about the fact that in the colder months, building tools, such as saws and drills are difficult to hold onto because these hardworking men continue to push forward on their building commitments.  Most people work indoors, not outdoors.  These men and women deserve respect and are the backbone to construction.

The fact that unusual weather conditions have evolved is not new.  Some revel at the opportunity to build more homes, accessory structures and commercial construction projects.  Some see unusual weather patterns as a burden.  H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. allows each tradesmen the opportunity to take more breaks, to choose their work hours, keeping their health in mind.  

The next time you want to hire a building contractor, take a moment to reflect on the sometimes dangerous conditions they work under.  H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC., the largest and oldest residential building contractor of it's kind, weighs the sacrifices made during it's garage, addition and shell home projects by it's tradesmen's challenges.  There is a myth that building construction is an unskilled labor industry.  And somehow, that has become a bargaining tool used by the buyer.  Homeowners should consider the sacrifices made by support, not indemnification to demand reduced costs.  You took your position based on pay.  Would you work for less and work harder?


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