Why is fill sand needed when you pour a garage slab?

December 28 / Stacey / Comments (0)

When you are building a residential garage or accessory structure, after the footing is dug and poured, the slab area is backfilled with sand.  The fill is put at the level of where you want your garage slab to start.  The reason for this is that sand is a wonderful agent to assist in drainage issues and will keep the ground under the slab free from water, ideally.  Never use clay based products for backfilling.  Clay holds water and drains poorly.  This will make the ground beneath the slab move as the clay expands and contracts, which will potentially crack the concrete slab.  Some locations for garages have a great deal of slope.  Meaning, it is not level.  That problem is also fixed by fill.  Having large tree roots and balls can cause "craters" that can require hundreds of yards of fill and or topsoil to bring the area to grade.  Residential building contractors cannot guesstimate yardage of fill.  Each area has unique qualities and requirements.  Talk to your builder before your garage project starts to clarify any questions you may have. 

Call H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. for your next building project.  We are experts in erosion and settlement control and can properly address the topography of your property.  Call 757-595-4562 for more information.

Winter weather and building residential garage and accessory buildings

December 13 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Winter weather creates all kinds of delays in every way, every year.  Poor road conditions, freezing temperatures and a general slow down effect for everyone.  How does bad weather affect building a garage, accessory building or shell home? 

Planning is always the key to a successful building project.  Experienced residential building contractors should be well versed in management of weather conditions and keeping a schedule.  In the winter, HW ENTERPRISES, INC. continues to build at pretty much the same pace as good weather months.  If the temperature drops too low, getting concrete released and poured is a challenge at best.  What HW ENTERPRISES, INC. does to continue to build your garage or accessory project by delaying the pour.  Framing without a slab is commonplace for many.  A building is built on the footing, not the slab, therefore construction can continue without the concrete being poured initially.

Contact HW ENTERPRISES, INC. for your next project, rain or shine.  Good weather or bad.  We have the experience to continue to deliver the best product and the best prices, no matter what time of year it is.  Call 757-595-4562 for a free estimate for your next building project.

What is a good Residential Building Contractor?

December 3 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Why does anyone need a general building contractor?  Residential building contractors seem to be everywhere.  Roofers, siding, gutters, framers, insulators, sheetrockers and the list goes on.  As I ride down the road I see one truck after another who's name incorporates quality in their field of expertise.  A more important question for a homeowner to ask is WHO do these building contractors hire to do their work?  Who is on your property? Who is around your family?

While there are many reputable contractors, HW ENTERPRISES, INC. is known for it's quality, expertise and reliability.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. has been in business over 60 years now. No one with less than 30 years experience will be hired by us.  More importantly, no one HW ENTERPRISES, INC. employs has a criminal record.  THAT is very important.  There are many building and remodeling contractors who do employ violent offenders, some of which are sexual predators who may pose a serious threat to a homeowner or their family.  Choose a building contractor that does not employ unknown workers. 

HW ENTERPRISES, INC. checks State websites each month to ensure all laborers are responsible citizens, free of felony records.  Choose a contractor who keeps up with it's employees and subcontractors.  CHOOSE HW ENTERPRISES, INC.  Call us at 757-595-4562 for your building needs.  You, your family and your property are safe with us.