Insulation and Fire Codes

December 18 / Stacey / Comments (0)

HW ENTERPRISES, INC. just recently built a beautiful garage in Yorktown.  It was requested by the homeowner to be insulated.  We put in the insulation, some of which was backed (R-19) and some was not (R-11).  This garage was also getting sheetrock.  There are fire codes that must be adhered to for the safety of the main dwelling.  Any building closer than 10' to a main dwelling must be insulated with 5/8" fire-rated sheetrock on the closest wall and entire ceiling.  Why?  To prevent fire from spreading from the new garage to the main dwelling and/or the main dwelling catching the garage on fire.  The homeowner decided to sheetrock the entire first floor.  So what do you do about the exposed insulation on the second floor?  Leave it loose and exposed?  Certainly not.  Cover exposed, non-backed insulation with a fire-retardant green paper.  It keeps the the insulation in place and protects it as well.

If you are building a garage, accessory structure or shell home, call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. to build your project.  We know the codes and embrace them, for your safety and peace of mind.  Call 757-595-4562 or 757-696-1927.

Construction during the holiday season

November 6 / Stacey / Comments (0)

The holidays are around the corner.  Can you get a garage, addition or shell home started?  The answer is yes you can!  Regardless of the weather, HW Enterprises, Inc. will provide the same quality garage, addition or other construction projects.  There are certain techniques, that come with our level of experience that allow for all aspects of construction regardless of low temperatures.  Call us at 757-595-4562 so that we can get you that garage in time for Christmas!

How to deal with slope when you build any structure

September 10 / Stacey / Comments (0)

When building a new garage, addition or accessory building, placement of that project immediately impacts how the project will turn out.  If you have slope in the area of the project, it must be accounted for.  You must build a level building.  

Recently, HW ENTEPRISES built a detached garage in the middle of a sloped driveway.  Driveway builds are completely different than building in earth, so to speak.  This particular driveway had at least a 20% gradient to be compensated for.  When the footer was put in, one corner of the foundation was set at 5" to try and keep it level with the driveway. Building at grade is a tricky undertaking.  You don't want your slab to be at grade.  You want your slab above grade, otherwise, it will flood.  You cannot run water toward any building or direct runoff toward another property.  This driveway, due to either collapse or years of weight on it, or having an inadequate grading, has 3 different directions of flow. The result and challenge? Keeping the apron gradual with the driveway.  

In order to handle the tri-fold runoff, we had to take up 4 sections of the driveway to correct the grade and make it optically appealing.  Sometimes, you cannot compensate but so much.  This garage has 3 garage doorways.  One side is a drive-thru set up.  Therefore, the slab is graded in 3 directions.  The key-ways used to stabilize the slab relieve the pressure this type of slope creates.

When you choose to build a garage, shell home, accessory building or addition, think about placement.  If you are not sure how your slope will affect this, call a professional.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. has been building garages and accessory buildings for over 61 years.  We will tell you what you can expect and try and guide you through the process.  

Talk with us about your concerns.  We will listen and answer your questions.