Changing the World of Construction

March 12 / Stacey / Comments (1)

How is technology changed residential building?  Technology swirls in every circle of our lives.  Our ways to communicate, our ways of production, our way of life, now....the orders for materials are all done electronically.  The delivery trucks all have computers in the cabs so drivers can prioritize their routes.  Computers, emails, twitter, Facebook....these are all ways to get it sooner.  Sooner is always better, right?  Maybe not.  Our "get it now" philosophy can and will backfire.  Manual application, as long as man has been on Earth, will never be replaced.  Men and women have to pick up the hammers to create the physical world around us.  How fast can those hammers go, anyway?  They shouldn't go fast.  They should go slower.  More accuracy comes from experience and the "measure twice, cut once" philosophy.  The next time you hire a building contractor for a shell home, garage, accessory structure or room addition, call HW ENTERPRISES, INC.  Our team brings decades of experience and a dedication to excellence.  Don't let today's world of convenience, such as pre-built garages and accessory structures, cost you quality and headaches.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. doesn't use kits to build.  We are residential stick builders who will build and create the best handmade structures you can find, without you giving up the small "details" that other building contractors would lead you to believe "is okay" or unnecessary.  CALL HW ENTERPRISES, INC. of Newport News, VA today at 757-595-4562.  We will listen to you, build you what you want, with a level of quality that is unmatched by technology or other residential builders.  Every detail matters to HW ENTERPRISES, INC....MAKING YOUR DETAILS A PRIORITY.

3-D Printing and Construction

February 10 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Often times, homeowners want an addition, but just can't visualize how to go about designing what they want.  Building contractors typically draw plans and then go over them with the customer.  If your customer can't really read a plan, they get lost in the explanation as well.  In this age of new technology, 3-D printing has become a valuable tool in bringing any idea into focus.  Many commercial building contractors have utilized this technology for years.  In some instances, H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. finds a need for this application.  In more complicated remodeling projects, a 3-D representation of how their building project will be done and look when finished has been done by building scaled replicas.  This has been extremely helpful for the homeowners.  3-D representations save time in production, but are time consuming in design using different CAD programs.  3-D printers are very expensive to date.  

However, as this technology improves and eventually floods the marketplace, it will become a cost-effective process. Talk to your builder and ask for a model, of either kind, if you can't understand construction verbage.  H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. takes the time to explain the necessities of building and how the homeowners' project can be accomplished, no matter what modality is necessary.  Call 757-595-4562 for a free consultation today.  We will paint you a picture or make a model for you to put to rest the anxiety misunderstandings can cause.

How can wind affect residential building for accessory structures such as garages, barns, additions and carports?

January 26 / Stacey / Comments (0)

A building's ability to withstand wind shear is the key factor of consideration when you are building an accessory structure or a home.  Most stand outside or drive on a windy day and think nothing of it.  If you raise an umbrella up against a rainy wind, what happens?  The air concentrates around the canopy and pushes against it.  The same is true of a garage wall.  When building anything, experienced builders consider lateral, horizontal and vertical wind shear.  Can the building be pushed over? Can the wind rush up through a soffit and lift the roof off of the garage?  Will wind tunnel itself under a gable?  All of these things are considered and prepared for by an experienced building contractor.  Structural integrity is the number one concern.  CALL H.W. ENTERPRISES INC, for an appointment.  It's free.  The owner will speak to you about your project, evaluate the building site itself and explain what concerns there are and how to address them.  Call us at 757-595-4562 or 757-696-1927.  H.W. ENTERPRISES, INC. has over 60 years of building experience.  We are THE go-to for garages, workshops, barns, additions and shell homes.