Construction Buildings in James City

As of 2016 the population of James City County was 67,000 and has grown over 39% since 2000. The median home cost about $300,000. With this growth and cost of homes it is quite possibly more advantageous to build an addition, or create more storage spaces with a garage or shed. H.W. Enterprises can match the siding and construction designs with your current home so that when completed it will look just like it has always been there. H.W. Enterprises knows what the county codes are and has worked with local officials for 60 years. This experience provides a great advantage over nationally or locally known construction firms. H.W. Enterprises will build you a garage, workshop or "man cave" that compliments your home and gives you that extra space you need.

H.W.Enterprises, Inc. builds custom buildings including garages, sheds, homes, additions, barns and many other dwellings to fit the needs of Hampton Roads.