Energy Efficient Building Systems

November 20 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Solar power is an important concept today.  Utilizing this concept in residential construction is an ever expanding reality.  There is an interesting product that is available now that will help power your home, saving electricity and therefore saving you money.

Solar powered residential roof assemblies are one of the newest eco-friendly additions to the residential new construction field.  This application utilizes solar paneled shingles that are integrated into a new roof installation.  They cannot be added after the fact or for a re-roof installation.  Having this product on your home will also bring you a tax deduction.

These specialize shingles are not big, bulky panels.  Rather, they are the same size and traditional residential roofing products.  They can produce 13-17 watts of electricity for your home.  They can also withstand high winds.

There is a down-side.  They are expensive initially.  Over a long period of time, the upfront cost dissipates.  They must be installed with a new roof system.  They can not be worked into an existing roof.  Nor do they do not distribute energy.  Meaning, if the power goes out in your home, you must rely on the power grid itself.  And lastly, your roof must be positioned to capture as much sunshine as possible. 

Therefore, new home construction, with proper placement is the optimal situation in the residential home building industry.  Ask your local builder about solar powered shingles BEFORE you build.

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