Construction Today

October 16 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Construction today is much different than in previous decades.  Each year building codes change to reflect the substantial impact building materials have.  Many factors affect building methods.  The availability of raw materials also affects how and where we build.  If what is commonly known as #1 lumber becomes scarce in a particular region of our country, that could mean a change in fasteners used to provide the same end result.  In our local region, this type of lumber is difficult to find and afford.  The trees that premium lumber comes from and methods of acquisition are becoming more and more difficult to obtain and this can drive the price up.  If the price becomes too high, that particular products' demand decreases and that in turn will cause an even higher increase as transportation routes become strained or in some cases, unavailable.  Our economy and the ability to obtain the funds needed to build a project also drives the supply/demand demographic.  If the banks won't lend, or lend enough for a particular construction project for an area, then demand for some products decreases or becomes seemingly non-existent as suppliers are strained to sell their products and services.

HW ENTERPRISES, INC. is still offering premium building products and services.  We are still building, utilizing affordable materials and working with the local principalities to provide a quality construction project without sacrificing integrity.  Call us today at 757-595-4562.     

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