Entry Doors and why they rust

January 15 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Ever have an entry rust and crumble at the bottom?  Over time, repeated raining has a way of getting to the bottom of the door and the bottom of the door jambs.  The rain hits the landing and bounces back up where it hits the bottom of the door.  The jambs over time begin to wick and hold moisture.  Where the bottom of the jambs are wet, the jamb holds that moisture up against the bottom of the door.  This is what causes rust and corrosion of the bottom of the door, even if it is wrapped in coilstock.  What can be done?  One choice is to build a stoop over the doorway which diverts the rain down that roof, instead of the top of the door.  Another way is to build a drip cap out of metal which will divert the rain out away from the door.  Sometimes this is not enough depending on which side of the building takes the brunt of every storm and cannot be stopped.  In those cases, a stoop is the only viable option.

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