Taxes and Construction

May 10 / Stacey / Comments (0)

The US has decided to tax soft wood coming into the US from Canada.  How will that affect residential construction?  We import all sorts of construction products from everywhere in the world.  Building in residential and commercial markets is a significant part of our economy.  The real question is how will this affect the costs of construction.  Construction products such as wood, vinyl and other plastics, steel and aluminum are the products that will be affected and that will increase the cost of construction.  HW ENTERPRISES, INC. is committed to providing affordable garages, barns, additions and shell homes in the Hampton Roads area.  We will do everything we can to preserve the costs and influences of the change in price in the same ways we always have.  Building garages may seem resilient to changing supplies, but can be affected.  Call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. of Newport News, VA now to get the best quality, the best tradesmen and the best experience our community has to offer!  Call 757-595-4562 for an appointment today for your residential or light commercial accessory building projects.

New Construction Accessory Buildings - Soundproofing for Studios/Live Music and Fun in the "Man Cave"

April 29 / Stacey / Comments (0)

New construction accessory structures like garages can be used for so many things.  One use is for a home recording studio.  What do you do to control sound? You don't want to wake your neighbors up, but building a garage and converting it to a playhouse is SOO COOL, right?  

Soundproofing can be achieved a number of different ways.  In order to reach and maintain a high STC rating, the way the garage is built and with what specific materials will determine the amount of sound and vibration that is kept in, or worse, let out of the building.  The way you frame the walls, coupled with specialized insulation and sheetrock are key to accomplishing the privacy you want in your new construction accessory building, while being able to do what you want and scream your head off!!!

Call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. and we will show you how to build a garage-studio only dreams are made of.  Call 757-595-4562.

Metal Roofing - Bold, Beautiful and Energy Star Rated

March 19 / Stacey / Comments (0)

Metal roofing has been around forever.  Last century, metal roofing, especially in the 40's and 50's was much more economical as steel was a predominately used product.  Now, metal roofing is extremely expensive for residential construction.  Steel has many pros and cons.  Commercial application is by far the majority.  Residential asphalt shingles have control of the roofing market and probably will remain so.  In certain areas of the country, clay tiles are more prevalent due to climate and theme, such as tropical environments and southern and coastal areas where weather and style dominate.  

Metal roofing for residential garages and homes can be the finishing touch any home or accessory building needs, however, detached garages and accessory buildings are primarily shingled.  Whatever style or necessity, call HW ENTERPRISES, INC. in Newport News, VA and we will help you design the building of your dreams.  Call 757-595-4562.  We have over 61 years experience in home building, garages, accessory buildings and more!  Their is no replacement for experience.  Call the best!  A custom building, but not at a custom price.